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SaaS alternative to deploying DPM management modules on-premise

Randtonics DPM easyCloud - Encryption-as-a-Service

For customers seeking fast deployment without the need to install, run and monitor DPM management modules Randtronics offers two options:

  • Self or service-provider managed –  we host a dedicated instance of DPM management modules for your organization.  You or your preferred service provider define and administer policies for data privacy and key management.
  • Full Outsourced –  Randtronics performs all encryption policy creation, and administers day-to-day encryption management services on your behalf.   Options for isolated and shared tenancy.

Randtronics DPM easyCloudPlus offers flexibility for customers seeking alternatives to in-house deployment and self-management of DPM:

  • One less skill-set to hire and train  – outsource to a specialist provider and avoid need to build and sustain in-house specialist encryption management skills
  • One less mission critical system to worry about – let somebody else worry about high-availability,  patches updates, monitoring and management.

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Letter from the CEO

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Thank you for visiting the Randtronics website.

We make enterprise encryption easy.

Smart businesses already know that only encryption can reduce the attack surface and stop the hackers from stealing their sensitive data. A company that only uses encryption is more secure than a company with all other cyber security measures. Privacy standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR are all mandating in law the protection of the citizen’s personal data. Fines for breaches are huge. You won’t get fined if your firewall is hacked. You won’t get fined if you suffer a virus or ransomware attack. You WILL get fined if you lose ANY personal data pertaining to ANY citizen. The lowest common denominator is the DATA. Data that is “Encrypted” is out of the scope of the Law.

Whilst all understand the need to protect sensitive data holistically (such as NIST Cyber Security Framework or 12 prescriptive PCI DSS guidelines) their cyber security priorities are misguided to say easy aspects and not addressing “what happens” when these fail? Encryption of data is the only direct protection measure that renders data unreadable compared to upgrading firewalls or virus and malware, IPS, log monitoring, etc. I am saying you need all methods but unless you have implemented enterprise grade encryption you are still unprotected like driving a car without “seatbelts”. “Enterprise grade encryption” as a cyber measure is the “seat belt” that saves lives in car accidents. Industry experts predict a relentless continuation of data breaches this year and penetration testing have proven perimeter defense is easily penetrable.

Randtronics has taken the challenge to make encryption easy and is innovating in many areas. We have already reduced deployment effort to days, use familiar standard components so that less skilled people can deploy and maintain systems.
I welcome discussions via email or phone as through your feedback we will be challenged to continue to innovate to the point where businesses and users do not need to be intimidated when using encryption as the worlds most powerful tool to protect their sensitive data.

Experts predict data breaches will continue at relentless pace, let Randtronics secure your business with “Enterprise grade ubiquitous encryption technology”. Time is of the essence. Why not be pro-active? I invite you to let Randtronics and its global distributors and resellers assess and assist your business directly.

Yours sincerely,
Bob K Adhar, BE, MBA, CISSP
Founder and CEO