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Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) reduction

Don't make easy for hackers to learn from your log files

Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attackers invest time and effort to learn your vulnerabilities - log files are too valuable to leave unprotected

APT and Log File Protection

Log files help APT attackers learn about your organization, your vulnerabilities and how best to evade your security measures.

Harden your defences against APT attacks by encrypting log files using Randtronics DPM easyCipher Transparent Data Encryption (TDE):

  • easy to implement: no-code changes, fast install, minimal performance overhead
  • standardized protection: centrally managed, policy-based protection Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) with centralized key management for protecting databases, servers at the file/folder level
  • ‘air gap’ protection: security that can not be side-stepped by system admin or other privileged accounts

Why Now?

Advanced Persistent Threat attacks require sophisticated skills and the time and patience to spend extended periods of time gathering information from multiple targets.   

This style of attack requires dedicated and resources but can yield substantial results both in terms of financial gain but also in terms of disruption.   

For nation states that choose not to follow international norms,  APT is an attractive form of asymmetric warfare that is easy to deny, and can deliver spectacular financial and disruption results for relatively small investment.    With little downside and a strong payoff it is likely that APT attacks will to continue to mount.

Why Wait?

With Randtronics DPM enterprise encryption, it has never been easier to rollout and manage TDE encryption for all your databases, servers and laptops.

We envision a future where organizations standardize TDE protection all systems – no more second guessing as to whether the data might be useful to an attacker – no more gaps for APT attackers to exploit vulnerabilities.

Start today by adding log file protection to your current encryption initiatives for databases and servers:

i) Replace native database TDE with a security system that can protect everything on the DB server

ii) Protect secrets on web servers

iii) Protect content on file servers – including from system admin and other privileged users


Log files can tell hackers a lot about your environment

As a result of stricter audit and compliance requirements, it is increasing common for organisations to preserve many years of log files from networks, servers, firewalls, access control systems, applications and other systems.

To a diligent hacker who has managed to gain a toehold inside the firewall, log files contain troves of information that when pieced together can point to system vulnerabilities and/or provide background and context for customised and plausible social hacks.

Why TDE?

There are many types of encryption that address different types of risk.

Volume or full-disk encryption provides protection against physical theft as data can’t be read until user logs in.  However, once a user has logged in, the data is now readable to anyone who can gain access.

Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) as provided by Randtronics DPM easyCipher secures the contents of files and folders when multiple users have access to the same systems.   Moreover Randtronics TDE provides protection against data theft even by attackers that have gain access to system administrator privileges.

Randtronics DPM easyCipher

DPM easyCipher provides transparent data encryption for databases, web/app servers, file servers, NAS storage and end-devices.

Data policies and encryption keys are managed centrally providing enterprise-wide control of sensitive data.

DPM agent installed on end-point-device mediates all access to secured folders and prevents access from any non-whitelisted user or application.

Diagram of easyCipher manager controlling transparent data encryption (TDE) on databases, servers and laptops

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Our Customers

Letter from the CEO

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Thank you for visiting the Randtronics website.

We make enterprise encryption easy.

Smart businesses already know that only encryption can reduce the attack surface and stop the hackers from stealing their sensitive data. A company that only uses encryption is more secure than a company with all other cyber security measures. Privacy standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR are all mandating in law the protection of the citizen’s personal data. Fines for breaches are huge. You won’t get fined if your firewall is hacked. You won’t get fined if you suffer a virus or ransomware attack. You WILL get fined if you lose ANY personal data pertaining to ANY citizen. The lowest common denominator is the DATA. Data that is “Encrypted” is out of the scope of the Law.

Whilst all understand the need to protect sensitive data holistically (such as NIST Cyber Security Framework or 12 prescriptive PCI DSS guidelines) their cyber security priorities are misguided to say easy aspects and not addressing “what happens” when these fail? Encryption of data is the only direct protection measure that renders data unreadable compared to upgrading firewalls or virus and malware, IPS, log monitoring, etc. I am saying you need all methods but unless you have implemented enterprise grade encryption you are still unprotected like driving a car without “seatbelts”. “Enterprise grade encryption” as a cyber measure is the “seat belt” that saves lives in car accidents. Industry experts predict a relentless continuation of data breaches this year and penetration testing have proven perimeter defense is easily penetrable.

Randtronics has taken the challenge to make encryption easy and is innovating in many areas. We have already reduced deployment effort to days, use familiar standard components so that less skilled people can deploy and maintain systems.
I welcome discussions via email or phone as through your feedback we will be challenged to continue to innovate to the point where businesses and users do not need to be intimidated when using encryption as the worlds most powerful tool to protect their sensitive data.

Experts predict data breaches will continue at relentless pace, let Randtronics secure your business with “Enterprise grade ubiquitous encryption technology”. Time is of the essence. Why not be pro-active? I invite you to let Randtronics and its global distributors and resellers assess and assist your business directly.

Yours sincerely,
Bob K Adhar, BE, MBA, CISSP
Founder and CEO